What Do You Do If A Restaurant Customer Won’t Leave?

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Have you ever been in a situation where a customer just won’t leave your restaurant? It’s an awkward, uncomfortable situation that can be difficult to handle. But it is important to know how to deal with this type of situation professionally and respectfully. In this blog post, we will explore the steps you should take if a restaurant customer won’t leave – from assessing the situation to taking action firmly yet respectfully. Read on for more tips and advice so you can make sure your customers feel welcome and respected at all times!

Assess The Situation

: The first step in dealing with a customer who won’t leave is to assess the situation. Consider the type of customer, their behavior and how much time has passed since they finished their meal. It’s important to try and remain as calm and professional as possible during this assessment so that you can make the best decision for the situation at hand.

Remain Calm And Professional

: In some cases, confronting an unruly customer may be necessary. However, it’s important to maintain your composure and professionalism throughout the entire process. Your customers should feel safe, respected and welcome while they are dining in your restaurant – even if they’re not following the rules or leaving when asked politely.

Take Action Firmly And Respectfully

: Once you’ve assessed the situation it’s time to take action. This could include speaking with the customer directly, calling security or asking them to leave. It is important that whatever action you take is done in a firm yet respectful manner. Respectful communication is key!



Handling restaurant customers who won’t leave can be an uncomfortable task, but it’s important to know how to do it properly and respectfully. By assessing the situation, remaining calm and professional, and taking action firmly yet respectfully, you can make sure all your customers feel welcome in your restaurant – no matter how long they stay for!



Related FAQs

Politely asking a customer to leave the restaurant can be done in a few different ways. Start by approaching the customer and introducing yourself if you haven’t already. Explain that their visit is now complete, thank them for patronizing your establishment, and ask them to kindly pay their bill and make their way out of the restaurant.
If a customer refuses to leave after being asked politely, it may be necessary to take further action. You can call security or local law enforcement depending on the severity of the situation. It is important to remain calm and professional throughout this entire process.
If you do not feel comfortable confronting the customer, it is important to have someone else on staff who can handle it. This could be another manager, an assistant or even security personnel. It’s important to make sure the situation is handled professionally and respectfully no matter who is doing the talking.
Customers that come in late and stay longer than intended can be difficult to deal with. The best way to handle this situation is by politely explaining that your restaurant has already closed for business and asking them to leave. You can also offer to call them a taxi if they need one.
If a customer is being disruptive or disrespectful, it is important to address the situation as soon as possible. Start by politely asking them to stop their behavior and explain why it is not acceptable in your restaurant. If the customer continues to be disruptive, you may need to take further action such as calling security or local law enforcement.
Making sure that all customers feel welcome in your restaurant starts with having clear policies and expectations in place. Make sure these are communicated clearly when customers enter the establishment so they know what is expected of them. Additionally, providing quality service and a pleasant atmosphere can help ensure that all customers feel welcome in your establishment.
Refusing service to a customer is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary. If the situation warrants it, you may need to deny service or ask them to leave but be sure to explain why this is happening. It’s important to remain professional and courteous throughout the entire process.
Customers who have overstayed their welcome can be difficult to deal with. The best way to handle this situation is to politely explain that they have exceeded the expected time limit and ask them to leave. You can also suggest other restaurants or establishments that may be better suited for their needs.
Charging customers a fee for staying too long is not recommended, as it could create an unpleasant experience for them and discourage them from returning in the future. Instead, focus on providing quality service and polite reminders when necessary so that customers know when they are expected to leave.
Customers who linger after paying their bill can be difficult to deal with. Start by politely offering them their change and thanking them for their business. If the customer continues to stay, explain that you need to close up shop and ask them to leave.    

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