What Makes A Great Waiter?

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Are you a restaurant owner looking to attract more customers and improve the overall experience? Have you ever wondered what makes a great waiter?

You might think it’s all about having an outgoing personality or being able to carry multiple plates with ease. While those qualities are important, there are many other traits that make up a great waiter. In this post, we will break down exactly what makes a successful server in a restaurant setting. We’ll discuss how having the right attitude, being hardworking and efficient, being personable and knowledgeable can help create an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. Read on to learn more!

A Positive Attitude

: A great waiter should always have a positive attitude. This means having enthusiasm and passion for their job. They should be able to remain calm in the face of difficult customers or challenging situations, while still providing excellent customer service. Additionally, a great waiter will never let their personal problems affect the quality of their work.

Hardworking And Efficient

: In order to serve customers quickly and efficiently, a great waiter must be hardworking and organized. They need to be able to remember orders accurately, take payment swiftly and deliver food hot on time. Moreover, they must also be willing to go that extra mile when needed – this could mean suggesting dishes or helping out with other duties if needed.

Personable And Knowledgeable

: A great waiter should be knowledgeable about the menu, able to recommend dishes and answer any questions customers may have. They should also be personable and able to build rapport with their guests. This could involve conversation starters or simply engaging in small talk as they wait on tables.


: To sum up, what makes a great waiter is having a positive attitude, being hardworking and efficient, as well as being personable and knowledgeable. Great service can help create an unforgettable dining experience for your guests that will make them come back time and time again. Restaurant owners should strive to hire waiters who possess these qualities – it’s sure to make all the difference!




Related FAQs

The key qualities of a great waiter include having a positive attitude, being hardworking and efficient, and being personable and knowledgeable.
To ensure your waiters provide excellent customer service, it is important to hire individuals who possess the key qualities discussed in this post such as having a positive attitude and being hard-working. Additionally, providing ongoing training for your staff will help them develop their skills and ensure they remain up to date on menu items, pricing and any other necessary information.
Waiters should have polite conversations with customers and be able to engage in small talk. This could involve asking them about their day, what they are looking forward to, or even making recommendations for food and drinks depending on the customer’s preferences.
The best way to handle difficult customers is by remaining calm and professional. It is important to not take any comments personally, but acknowledge their concerns and address them in a respectful manner without being argumentative. Additionally, if you need help from your manager or another staff member, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.
To make sure your waiters remember orders accurately, emphasize the importance of paying attention to detail during their training. Additionally, having a system in place such as writing down orders or using technology like tablets can help ensure accuracy.
Handling payment quickly and efficiently requires having the right systems in place. This could involve accepting different types of payments such as debit and credit cards. Additionally, providing card readers for mobile payments or integrating with a third-party payment processor can be beneficial for speed and accuracy.
Some strategies for delivering food hot on time include having a well-trained staff who know how to properly plate dishes, as well as having the right technology in place. This could include using a kitchen timer or tracking software that can monitor order times and alert staff when food is ready. Additionally, keeping an eye on the flow of orders throughout the day can help anticipate peak times and plan accordingly.
It is essential for waiters to be familiar with the menu in order to recommend dishes and answer customer questions. They should have a thorough knowledge of ingredients, cooking styles and preparation methods so they are able to make accurate suggestions based on each customer’s individual preferences.
To ensure the cleanliness of tables, waiters should use appropriate cleaning supplies such as microfiber cloths and antibacterial sprays. Additionally, they should be mindful to wipe down tables between customers and keep track of any spills or crumbs.
The best way for a waiter to suggest additional orders is to politely inquire about what else the customer might be interested in. They could start by asking if there is anything else they’d like to order or mention any specials that are available that night. Additionally, they should always offer a dessert menu.    

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