What Are Some Tips For Creating Kid’s Menus in Restaurants?

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As a parent, you know that finding a restaurant that offers a good meal for your kids can be tricky. And if you’re like most parents, you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of cooking yourself when you could be out enjoying a night out on the town. But how do you make sure your child is getting a healthy meal without sacrificing your own enjoyment of the evening?

It may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done. All you need are some tips for creating kid’s menus in restaurants. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep It Simple

– As the saying goes, “less is more”. Kids usually have short attention spans and can get overwhelmed by too many choices. Stick with basic dishes that kids will recognize, like chicken fingers or macaroni and cheese. Avoid elaborate menu items such as lobster ravioli or roasted duckling.

Offer A Variety Of Choices

– While you don’t want to overwhelm your customers, you do want to give them options. If a restaurant offers only one type of kid’s meal (say, hamburgers), parents may decide it’s not worth their while to stay at the restaurant if their child isn’t interested in that particular meal. Offering several types of meals (burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers etc.) will give parents more options.

Make It Fun

– Kids love it when restaurants make an effort to make their meals fun. Providing interactive toys or activity sheets with the meal can keep kids entertained and happy while they wait for their food to arrive. Other ideas include offering a kid’s “special of the day” or providing coloring placemats and crayons.


: Creating kid-friendly menus doesn’t have to be difficult. By following these tips, you can ensure that your restaurant is attractive to families with children and provide them with a great experience every time they visit. Parents will appreciate the extra effort, and your business will benefit in the long run.



Related FAQs

To keep things simple, stick with basic dishes that kids will recognize, such as chicken fingers or macaroni and cheese. Avoid overly complex items like lobster ravioli or roasted duckling.
Consider offering interactive toys or activity sheets with the meal, a “special of the day” specifically for kids, coloring placemats and crayons, or any other fun idea that you think would be popular with children.
Absolutely! Providing healthy and nutritious meal options for children can help promote a healthier lifestyle from an early age. Many parents also appreciate the convenience of being able to order something quick and easy for their child without having to worry about preparing it themselves.
Generally speaking, you should stay away from dishes that are overly complex or heavily fried. While these may appeal to adults, they’re often too much for young children to handle. Instead, focus on providing simple meals with fresh ingredients that are both appealing and nutritious.
Yes! Providing non-alcoholic drinks specifically for children is a great way to make your menu more attractive. Options such as fruit juices, flavored waters, and milkshakes are sure to be popular with kids of all ages.
While it’s not necessary to offer smaller portion sizes, you may want to consider providing some options that are designed specifically for younger eaters. For example, a hamburger can be served on a slider bun or cut in half so it’s easier to eat.
It depends on your restaurant. Some restaurants offer discounted prices for kid’s meals, while others keep the same price but offer larger portions so that parents can share it with their child. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for your business model.
You want to make sure that your kid’s menu is easy to find and understand. Consider placing menus at each table or booth along with other items like crayons and activity sheets. If you have a website, consider having a dedicated page specifically for your kid’s menus.
Yes! Including pictures of the food on your kid’s menu can be a great way to entice children and make them more likely to order. Additionally, it can help parents who may not be familiar with some of the items on the menu.
One potential disadvantage is that it can limit your options for adults. While it’s important to provide meals that appeal to children, you don’t want to leave out other customers who are looking for something more sophisticated or unique.    

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